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Supply of Electronic Spare Parts

CRYMTON Comtech Sales and Services offers Electronic Components such as Transformers, IC and Mosfets as well as obsolete spare parts such as Thyristor and other parts that are completely out of the market now. Are you looking for spare parts that are very hard to find to any market locally and even abroad? You can surely call us.

With all the usual Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) of 10-1000 pieces(which largely depends on the part number of your components), displayed below is the A-Z list of some of the parts that we are supplying:

(Note: Please be informed that our components are not limited to the below listed spare parts)

AC-DC Converter
AID, DIA Converter
Bridge Rectifier
DC-DC Converter
Digital Transistors & Transistor Arrays
Encapsulated Transformer
Fetky Technology
FLAT Series Encapsulated Transformer
Frequency Transistor
Generic Array Logic
High Speed Transient Voltage Suppressors
IGBT Module
Intelligent Transistors
IR Emitting Diode
Line Protection
Linear Component
N-Channel Mosfet
Peltier Effect Heat Pumps
Peripheral IC
Photo-IC / Opto Devices
Power Controller
Power Mosfet
Programmable Logic Array
PTC Consumer Chip
RF Power Field Transistor
Transistor Module
Triode Mosfet
UHF Power Transistor

For more information and RFQs, please click here.

Supply of LED lights

Are you looking for LED light bulbs or other energy saving lights for your Company, Office or Home? Crymton Comtech Sales and Services also supplies various kinds of Light Emitting Diode(LED) bulbs and other energy efficient lights such as the products listed below.

Bulkhead light
CFL lamp
Flood light
Halogen floodlight
Halogen lamp
HID Floodlight
LED lamp
Outdoor light
PIR sensor light
Street light
Underground light
Underwater light
Work halogen light
Work light

For more information and RFQs, please click here.