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Machine Rehabilitation

Are you currently experiencing faulty industrial machines and you don't know its main cause of error? Well CRYMTON also renders rehabilitation and restoration of various industrial machines. The following testimonials are as follow :

    Plastic Injection

  • Plastic Injection restored in Lupel Uni-Ball Pen
  • Bending Machine Robotic

  • Bending Machine restored in Global Metal Technology
  • CNC Milling Machine

  • CNC Machine restored in Daiho Philippine Inc
  • Welding Machine

  • Robotic Welding Machine restored in Emerson Network
  • Dicing Saw Machine


      1. Wire Bond machines; expert on KNS all models, 1488, 8020, 8028, Maxum, 8060, 8098
      2. ESEC DA.
      3. ALPHASEM 8000 and 900 series.
      4. Oven Cleaning all model and brand.
      5. Microscope calibration and repair, all models and brands.
      6. Board Fabrication, multi-layers Load boards, Burn-in, DUT.
      7. Board Level Components Repair, all models and brand

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