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Electronics Board Repair

Being the major and pioneering service line of CRYMTON, electronic board repair is the most bragged about expert service currently and continuously rendering by our company. Listed below are the examples of electronics boards that the company repairs:

AC Drive Repair


Chart Recorders

Chiller Cotractors

CNC Board Repair

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair

Control Boards

Counter Repair

CPUs and Processors

DC Driver Repair

Fire Alarm Systems

Flat Panel Display Repair

Flow Meter Repair

Frequency Converter

Frequency Inverters

Hot tub Controls

Industrial Intercoms

Iverter Repair

I/O Modules, I/O Cards

Light Curtain Repair


PLC Repair

Power Supply Repair

Pressure Transmitters Printing

Printing/Cutting/Binding Electron

Process Control Systems


Soft Start Repair

Spa Packs Repair

Temperature Controls

Timer Repair

Touchscreen Panel Displays

UPS System Repair

Variable Frequency Drives

Water Damaged Boards

Welding Apparatus Repair

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